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Exterior expansions include sunrooms, three or four season  porches, decks, room additions and even attached or detached garage construction. Q-Masonry & Residential Improvements can do it all.  We will work with your architect or can design your expansion or remodeling project for you. Best of all you can make your home beautiful based on your dreams while improving the value of your home for years to come.


Did you have storm damage from the recent heavy rains or hail? Did trees cause damage to your home? Contact Q-Masonry & Residential Improvement and let us provide the repairs you need, all in a one stop shop. As a licensed General Contractor, we have the experience to evaluate the damage your home incurred and the quality workmanship to restore your home back to its original beauty. We will work with your Insurance Company every step of the way to ensure the repairs are done correctly and timely.

Remodeling - Exterior expansions and upgrades

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Call us today and we will be happy to show you a selection of surfaces and materials for your project.


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